Download Dua-e-Nudba

Benefits of reciting Dua-e-Nudba

One of the treasure of Duas is a pearl, known as Dua-e-Nudba.

It is an important and authentic Dua. ‘Nudba’ means to cry or wail. It’s deep meaning penetrates to the depths of the heart. This is enough proof that these are not the words of an ordinary person. They are uttered by the personality who has connection with the celestial world (Aalam-e-Malakoot). In this Dua, Imam Jaffer Sadiq (as), who has taught the Shia this Dua, beings by praising Allah and talking about how certain Prophets of God have been bestowed blessings by Allah. The Imam then goes on to describe the lofty status of the final messenger as well as that of the first Imam, Ali (as).

The Imam then laments about the tragedies which befell the Family of the Prophet and the absence of the 12th Imam, who would fill the world with justice after countless eras of injustice.

Dua Nudba has been deemed authentic by scholars such as Sheikh Abbas Qummi, Allamah Majlisi, Sayed Raziuddin bin Tawoos and many more. This Dua is highly recommended to be recited on Friday and the days of Eid.
Friday is the day associated with the Zuhoor (return) of the 12th Imam


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